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Shine Learning Center offers a variety of specialized classes in art, English language arts and writing, mathematics, and programming/robotics. Our goal is to improve our students’ academic understanding and knowledge base, which, in turn, will contribute to students’ overall academic achievement. Apart from fostering academic success, Shine’s programs provide students with a strong foundation in English reading, writing, and speaking.

Shine further supports students to develop their creative and analytical abilities, which will enable students to achieve their academic and professional goals. Through using an inquiry-driven educational program, students become both critical thinkers and independent learners. Shine is especially passionate about cultivating global talent.

Our art curriculum helps our students to develop essential artistic fundamental skills and a creative voice. Through our unique practices, students will have the ability to incorporate their insightful ideas into brilliant art work, which students can use to apply to the most prestigious art schools in the United States.

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Parent Testimonials

I consider June my mentor and a huge influence on my life

My name is Bianca and I am currently a sophomore communication design student at Syracuse University. I can say, without a doubt, that I would not be here if it weren't for Shine Art Studio and my teacher, June. She not only helped me develop as an artist, but also as a student, person, and friend. She helped me to excel in areas I was already strong in, but also forced me to continue working in areas I was weak in. She guided me without pushing me into any direction, so that I could find what was the right fit for me. She taught me to socialize with my peers, like I would have to in a professional work space. To this day, I consider June my mentor and a huge influence on my life. I will always be grateful to her and to the studio for everything they've done for me.

Bianca Kim

I think about the very first time I met the director at Shine Studio and I ask myself, “When was it…?” I reminisce about our long established relationship.

When I first visited Shine Studio with my children, I had already heard a lot of things from different people about the director. I already told myself that the director was kind-hearted, and when I heard she was going to open another art studio I did not hesitate to send my children.

My oldest child first went because she enjoyed drawing. And while going to Shine Studio, she sharpened her skills and is currently a sophomore at RISD. Before she entered college, I was worried because she was my first child she had an easy-going nature. However, the director comforted me and told me that my daughter was prepared for college and that she accumulated the skills she needed while going to the studio so no matter how difficult the school may be, she assured me my daughter would be fine and do great. And despite my concerns my daughter is happily enjoying studying her major and I am even more thankful for the director.

My second child is currently preparing to become a high school senior. I remember when I told my daughter when she was a freshman, “If you’re not planning on becoming an art major, how about focusing on your studies now?” And her reply was, “Mom, the time I spent doing art was a time of relaxation for me. And though I’m not planning on majoring in art, it’s not like I took up an instrument so I would like to keep doing it as an extracurricular activity.” She spent her whole summer preparing her portfolio with the director.

As a Korean mom, I did not know much about the college application process; however, the director advised and helped my children from start to end.

And because the director is always willing to help, my children depend on the director more than me. I am very thankful for that. The director also acts as a counselor and helps guide her students into the right path, and I am thankful that my children were able to grow and mature around such a good teacher.

The director always thinks of her students first and guides them in the right direction, so Shine Studio is always bright and filled with hope.

Class of 2013 Hannah Jin’s Mom: Sung Mi Jin

As I help organize and pack my daughter’s belongings for college, I think about the time when my daughter first decided she wanted to go to an art school and I took her to Shine Studio.

When my daughter first told me she wanted to draw, I felt reassured at first because she had not chosen her career path or even what she wanted to do at the end of her high school freshman year. However, I also felt hesitant and scared and wondered if it wasn’t too late for my daughter to start from the basics.

I wondered if this was the right path and if it wasn’t, time and money would have been wasted. I also thought critically about the tuition of art schools and the cost of sending my daughter to an art studio.

Through my concerns and doubts, we decided to face the challenges and visited Shine Studio.

The reason I chose Shine Studio is because the director teaches and oversees all the classes from the very young elementary class to the portfolio class. I was also convinced that Shine was the right place for my daughter because of the director’s honesty during our conference appointment.

The director did not plant any unattainable dreams, or boast about the success of the studio, or make any unrealistic promises. The director told me to give some time and watch to see if my daughter could follow along from the basics and continue to grow. And from then, I entrusted my daughter to the art studio and the director sending my daughter twice a week or every day when she asked. Now to think of it, I just gave my daughter a source of transportation.

The director created goals and a plan for my daughter and helped her sharpen her skills step by step.

When my daughter lost her confidence and was discouraged, the director gave her encouragement, and when my daughter became indolent and was making no progress, the director acted as a catalyst and got my daughter back on her feet. The director also helped my daughter complete her portfolio through little and big art competitions and helped with the application process.

I saw my daughter interacting at the studio with the director and the other students like a family trusting and respecting each other in their own journey.

Nowadays, the people around me—friends and family ask how my daughter was able to be accepted to the School of Visual Arts in New York.

I tell them, “ I’m not sure… the director at Shine did everything…” I think about it and all I really did was give rides to the studio.

I thank the director for encouraging and seeing the potential my daughter had which could have gone unseen.

The director even helped make this summer a useful one by preparing my daughter for the basic computer graphic course she would have to take at school and even advised which computer we should purchase.

I see that there are many new art studios that are appearing without proven success. Those studios make me go and find the parents who are wasting time and money by sending their children to those studios and recommend Shine Studio.

Though she is soft-hearted, inside she in incorruptible and has an uncompromising philosophy of education for all her students. And because of this I have no doubt that Shine Studio will become a prestigious school in the Dallas area.

Sung Mi Jin



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