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Shine Learning Center offers a variety of specialized classes in art, English language arts and writing, mathematics, and programming/robotics. Our goal is to improve our students’ academic understanding and knowledge base, which, in turn, will contribute to students’ overall academic achievement. Apart from fostering academic success, Shine’s programs provide students with a strong foundation in English reading, writing, and speaking.

Shine further supports students to develop their creative and analytical abilities, which will enable students to achieve their academic and professional goals. Through using an inquiry-driven educational program, students become both critical thinkers and independent learners. Shine is especially passionate about cultivating global talent.

Our art curriculum helps our students to develop essential artistic fundamental skills and a creative voice. Through our unique practices, students will have the ability to incorporate their insightful ideas into brilliant art work, which students can use to apply to the most prestigious art schools in the United States.

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Parent Testimonials

My Daughter Ye-eun first visited Shine when she was in 7th grade. We came to the state when she was in 5th grade. My daughter was going through her puberty so it was tough time for both of us. When my daughter was in kindergarten, I would ask her what she wants to be when she grows up and the answer was cartoonist. Being an introvert she would stay home all the time and spend time on computer drawing cartoons. I took my daughter to Shine art because I wanted her to make some friends and learn to draw once a week. My daughter loved to draw when we were in Korea but she’s never gone to any art studios because she didn’t like real life drawings. I figured that she might need a mentor at this point of her life. It wasn’t easy for her to change her way and start grabbing a pencil and watercolor. She questioned why she has to learn fine art when she wants to become a cartoonist and didn’t want to go to Shine Art. So Director Kim would take Ye-eun out to lunch and listened to her opinions, have a conversation with her time to time and acknowledged her about how the time is important for her at the moment to make her dream come true. Director Kim truly listened to my daughter and loved her as a teacher. At last, last May, my daughter was standing in front of everyone as a graduate at the Shine Art Exhibition. For the last 5 years, I had been wishing to have my daughter standing in front of everyone as a graduate at this Shine Art Exhibition one day, every time I attend Shine Art Exhibition each year watching all the other graduates. My daughter became a senior and she had an art school she wanted to apply and she started to prep her portfolio. My daughter wanted to go to MICA in Maryland and study to become an illustrator. My daughter was very passionate about working on her best portfolio possible and Director Kim was always been there for her when she was struggling to come up with any ideas. It was dream come true when my daughter received an acceptance letter from MICA. My daughter decided to go to MICA. She got Director Kim a little present with the money she earned working for the first time in her life. My daughter also got her a little card as well showing much gratitude for her consistent support and encouragement through her process in learning. Shine graduates had gatherings each year. The graduates share their art pieces and share their majors at school. Also the graduates who were already got hired and in working field share their experience at work as well. I hope to see my daughter to be the graduate and working somewhere like the other graduates and be the encouragement to others who are preparing their portfolio.

Kim Min Ah

My five years old son loves to draw. One day he came to me and told me that he wants to learn how to draw. After some consideration I visited Shine Art Studio for its years of fame for graduates of many talented students. After visiting Shine Art Studio for a consultation and a tour, I register for my son’s first lesson without any hesitation. I also consulted about reading, writing, and math for my son and asked director Kim for any advices for my son. Place was called Shine Art but also offered reading, writing, and math classes. Ever since attending Shine Art, my son started making a habit of reading and became a well-rounded kid. Awhile after my son’s been attending Shine Art, I found out that SAT, PSAT, Essay program is also offered and then I thought of my 11th grade older son and had another consultation with director Kim. At the time I wasn’t expecting so much out of my older kid because I’d sent her to many academies and yet hadn’t seen any great results out any of them although she said she’d been trying to do her best. It seemed already kind of late to see any spectacular results but I had my daughter begin with essay prep for SAT first anyway because I had faith in director Kim, among all the SAT academies.

Director Kim catches what is necessary for each kid, what each kid lacks and fill in the lacks. My younger one is been going to Shine for 3 years now and he’s become so confidence with high self-esteem. My daughter got her confidence and self-esteem back and proudly applied for her ideal college of her desired major and received an acceptance letter soon after.

It is important to get good grades and high rankings at school. However, at Shine Art, Director Kim weighs importance more on teaching kids about their self-love and to acknowledge them about their areas to improve. So my kids were able to achieve and improve more easily. I only wish I had known her, Director Kim, the Shine Art, little sooner so that my daughter could’ve had better opportunities.

Yoo Seo Jin

I consider June my mentor and a huge influence on my life

My name is Bianca and I am currently a sophomore communication design student at Syracuse University. I can say, without a doubt, that I would not be here if it weren't for Shine Art Studio and my teacher, June. She not only helped me develop as an artist, but also as a student, person, and friend. She helped me to excel in areas I was already strong in, but also forced me to continue working in areas I was weak in. She guided me without pushing me into any direction, so that I could find what was the right fit for me. She taught me to socialize with my peers, like I would have to in a professional work space. To this day, I consider June my mentor and a huge influence on my life. I will always be grateful to her and to the studio for everything they've done for me.

Bianca Kim

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