About Us
In 2006, Shine Learning Center, directed by Kim Joo-yeon, started as an art school in Dallas. Since its opening, Shine has sparked much attention as a prestigious art school entering students in respected art colleges such as RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art), SVA (School of Visual Arts). Shine Learning Center grew steadily with its professionalism and enthusiasm and expanded to Carrollton in 2012 where it opened systematic English classes.

We found that students desired high SAT and ACT scores but lacked reading comprehension skills. Therefore, we felt it necessary to open English classes after comparison, study, and analysis. Shine Learning Center has concluded that when reading a book, reading comprehension impacts academic achievement. We created a reading program to help students with the aid of Jung A. Wee, a trustworthy professional English teacher. Currently, English classes have been successfully established, and Shine Learning Center is continuing to expand in various subjects such as mathematics and science at the request of parents.

In addition, in 2016, we recognized that coding education is essential to help students thrive in a rapidly changing environment, driven by technology. We opened our coding programs through seminars and coding courses.

With the growth over the past 12 years, we have successfully launched the branch office in Frisco in 2017 and are working hard to ensure that more students receive quality education. Shine Learning Center plans to expand branch offices in more areas in the future.
Founder: Jooyeon June Kim

Education Founder Jooyeon June Kim graduated from Seoul High School of Music and Art (Fine Arts) and Hong-Ik University (Textile Design). She received her master's degree in Fine Arts from Dallas Baptist University in the United States.

Jung-A Wee

After graduating from Korea University, she received her master's degree from SDSU University in California, USA and served as a representative lecturer for the 2001-2012 period at Pagoda Foreign Language Institute in Gangnam.

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